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Everything you need to know about publishing with us. 

We understand that getting your book published can be a daunting task. This page was created to provide you with information and insight to help you begin your own publishing journey.

Understanding how our industry works will help you appreciate the business dynamics and how a book gets from our desk to the bookshelf.

Read on to learn about our publishing process.

Completing your manuscript

You've completed the difficult task... You've published a book. It's your book.

We recognize that a manuscript is much more than a collection of words and stories. What's on your desk is the result of hundreds of head scratches and endless cups of coffee (or tea), as well as those noble grins you get when you write those lines you're so proud of.

Best advice

Once you've finished writing, have your friends and family review it and make any necessary changes before sending it to us.


Submission and editorial review

The Submissions Editor reviews your submission to ensure that it is complete and that we have all of the necessary information. The manuscript is then forwarded to the editorial team for review.

Our editors want a page-turner, something original and one-of-a-kind. A work that has the potential to appeal to a wide range of readers. Editorial review considers styling, spelling, and grammatical consistency, so proofread your work before submitting it to us. This review process could last up to six weeks.

Best advice

Please be patient during the review process; we always respond to all submissions and notify you of our decision.


Offer of publication

If our editors like what they read, you will be contacted with an offer of publication. On signing the publishing contract you’ve become part of The Purple Box family – Congratulations! This is where it all begins. Your manuscript is now handed over to your dedicated production coordinator. You’ll be working with them to finalize ideas for your blurb, acknowledgments, and illustrations if necessary as well as other key points. This is where we start to bring your book to life.

Top tip

In the next stage of producing the book, patience and cooperation are key as it can take a few months to get your book ready.


Digital material, publicity and promotions

Once your book should have arrived in our warehouse, we'll be diving into the digital aspects of promotion. An eBook is also designed and created, as well as banners and promotional videos, and social media campaigns are launched! You will also receive complimentary copies.

Prepare to capture one of the most memorable moments of your life; as many authors will attest, nothing beats the sensation of holding your book for the first time.

Best advice

The more actively you participate in book promotion, the more successful your book will be.

Start your publishing journey with us

We work hard to find writing that entertains, educates, and excites readers, inspires those that may have lapsed to pick up a book again, and encourages people to start reading.
Then we work tirelessly to put those words into the hands of readers everywhere.

If you’ve been dreaming of putting your book out there for the world to see, we would love to peruse your manuscript and read your proposal.

Contact Us

Get in touch by filling out the form. We’ll respond as soon we can.

Thanks for submitting!

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