The following Story is written by Abhishek Yadav as part of the writing competition - The Vibrant by The Purple Box

Every Indian, after bidding farewell to his dependency on parents, sets out to live his life fully. One such young talented guy is Karan. He rents a good apartment. He begins freelancing as a music composer, music was his world. Now he dreams of living a decent regular life, working, partying, enjoying, spending time with friends etc. In the beginning he becomes so addictive to his independence that he starts feeling like he is the king of the world. Being raised in a middle class family, he barely enjoyed his life till now. But now everything is going as per his wishes, he got good opportunities and reasonable amount of money for his work, he doesn't understands why the hell his parents wanted him to study hard and become a topper at school college etc. when he is now able to live his life with ease. What was the point of comparison between him and that sharma ji, gupta ji etc ji ka beta beti and all. It seems useless now. He told them many times a single sheet of paper can't decide his future. And today it holds true.

He believes 'There's not much difference between me and those bookworm toppers. In fact I am better off than them. I earn when I want, I spend when I want. I do what I really love, I compose music, what else someone wants in his life. There is complete happiness in my life. I am damn satisfied."

But not much time later, begins the trauma of Indian system. One fine day, he goes to a government office to get his passport made. He wished to appear for an interview abroad for a good internship with a renowned composer. There he realizes that he is just an 'unknown' guy. He has to wait for 5-6 hours to get a signature from the office on his form. While he was waiting, a VIP comes, directly enters the office, tells that he needs passports for him and his whole family as quickly as possible because he is going for a vacation to Hawaii with his family and walks out within 5 minutes and because the VIP's passport work was to be done, Karan's passport work is reserved for the next day, which he actually gets after a week. Interview deadline gone.

One evening, after returning from a movie, he finds his house was burgled. He is stunned and shocked. His entire savings till now are gone. He somehow confronts himself and hoped that Police is there to help him. He rushes to police station. First he is made to sit for 2 hours to even reach the hawildar who files the FIR. When he sits down to report the incident, suddenly enters in the police station, the spoiled son of a very rich businessman of the city. He shouts that his iphone has been stolen in the Pub where he was partying minutes ago. The whole police station stands on one leg and rushes to the pub, leaving the FIR of the man in between. When Karan asks to complete his complaint he is bashed by the hawildars there. Thus with all his hopes shattered he walks back to his home in despair.

Days become hard, freelancing always doesn't helps you earn, he struggled for bread, had to even ask for money from parents. After lots and lots of rounds he finally got his FIR registered. Investigations begin almost 6 months after the incident. The persons in charge of investigation has so much of casual attitude, like it happens almost daily to someone, not a big deal, get used to it. 12 months gone. 18 months gone. 24 months gone. Every time he goes to police station, he realizes that police is not made to serve public but to serve businessmen, rich engineers, doctors, VIPs, bureaucrats etc. His file (read life) was getting dumped down under the piles and piles of papers, the lifeless valueless papers. FIR's ink starts fading. He takes back his case.

Life is relatively stable now. Earning enough to sustain his simple life. 'Living a simple life is much better' he keeps on persuading himself with his "eyes closed". Someday later, he gets a call from his mother, his father got a heart attack. Hospital is not able to send ambulance stating all ambulances are at work at the moment. He rushes to his home to take his father to hospital himself in his 2nd hand Alto car, that too on EMI. On the way he encounters a huge traffic jam. After asking he gets the information that the block was there because the car of DGP was going to pass from that highway in next 30 minutes. So all the traffic was either stopped or diverted to make way clear for DGP. He reaches his home almost 45 minutes late than usual. Luckily the issue was not serious. Everything went fine, except for those 45 minutes when Karan's heartbeat was crossing 150bpm.

Years passed, life goes on with many ups and down. Karan is now a married man with a child. Responsibilities peeped in. He tried to look for a 'stable' job finally. Got rejected 99% times, somehow got a 'kaam-chalaau' desk-job in a shopping mall as a cashier. Still living in a rented house, but bigger than earlier. But in every sphere of life, he in some way or other had to face the harsh realities of the system by which he was surrounded. He faced atrocities of casual attitudes of government departments right from getting ration card to paying bills to getting voter ID card to getting LPG connection to getting AADHAR card to getting admission of his child etc etc etc. At places he had to pay money to get even legally right work to be done.

Time passed. Got another 'kaam-chalaau' job but with better pay. Somehow manages to save approx. 3-4 thousand rupees per month after all expenses. His child grows up watching youtube videos of motivational speakers. He was a talented child. He was excellent at paintings. Every time asked what he wanted to become, his answer was 'painter'. But he got bashed by his father for dreaming of becoming a painter. He used to copy paste lines from movies like 'jo dil kare vo bano life mein, studies are not everything, do what you love, sirf engineering me sab kuch nahi rakha hai, dil ki sunni chahiye, badey sapne dekhne chahiye, bhedd chaal me nahi fasna chahiye, kuch alag sochna chahiye etc' Father used to make him understand that he can't be happy living like this, but several (stupid) counter arguments were always ready. Karan was really pissed by his son's attitude and every other day scolded his son to study hard and become a topper, not to dream of becoming a painter. Forced him to take science, enrolled him to a local coaching institute.

Boards and entrance exams went bad. Son shouted on father that a single sheet of paper can't decide his entire future, but got thrashed badly for this spoiled mindset. Karan, sells his 2nd hand Alto car to arrange money (EMI has been paid till now of course) and forcefully sends son to Kota to study well. Fights over phones were a daily chore now. Son was not able to bear all this pressure, the competitive air of Kota added to the miseries. Distraction, addictions and 'hormones' were playing their respective roles too. Life was getting no better.

Now the problem solving capacity of Karan's son goes like this-

PROBLEM- My dreams are getting crushed under forced career. Main uddna chahtaa hoon.

REASON- Parents don't love me, just want me to earn money for them, don't want me to live a happy life.

SOLUTION - Chair, rope, fan [.]

Yes you guessed it right. It's the End the life. (and this story too.) 

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