How to Become a #Bookstagrammar

How to Become a #Bookstagrammar

It is rare to come across such a positive and uplifting community as the one known as #bookstagram.

In short, Bookstagram is a small section of Instagram, populated by — you guessed it — book photography. Packed with beautiful book-related art, Bookstagram has a place for every type of reader interested in sharing their love for books.

In this article, we’re going to cover the fundamentals of starting and running your very own Bookstagram account, using the tips from some of the most talented people we’ve come to know — all to make sure you have all the tools you need to grow your very own account.

1. Choosing the right equipment

2. Finding your style & theme

3. Being creative

4. Perfecting setting & lighting

5. Apps & Editing

6. Interacting with your followers

7. How to grow

Lighting is your best friend

No matter what camera you own, what props you use, or how many filters you apply, nothing will affect the quality of your photos like lighting.

If you browse through bookstagram you might notice that there is basically two types of bookstagrammers: those that stick to a certain theme, and those who don’t (post anything & everywhere!).

This is the easiest way to help you get your photos & your account noticed! A book challenge is usually hosted by a bookstagrammer for the entirety of the month and they state different prompts for each day.

Once you have your photos ready to post, you have to keep in mind that bookstagram is just another way of book blogging, therefore you might want to write a short post about the book, about yourself, or something else in the description.

DON’T COPY OTHER’S STYLES TOO CLOSELY. I mean duh. But this needs to be said REPEATEDLY because it really sucks to have your style stolen! Trust me! Be inspired by other people, but don’t copy exactly.



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