Book Review - Corporate Chanakya | The Vibrant

Book Review - Corporate Chanakya | The Vibrant

The following Book Review is written by Tabriz Mohta as part of the writing competition - The Vibrant by The Purple Box

Mr. Radhkrishnan Pillai is known for relating the learning of Chanakya to the modern corporate business dynamics. Works of Chanakya, his strategies and his insights applied to the modern day corporate environment best describes this book. Divided into three primary areas of Leadership, Management and Training the book is composed around current day precepts of management. The book tries to bring a certain sense of spirituality in business world, not in a religious way, but in a way that looks at the welfare of everyone and has a long term focus on the welfare of the individual involved and the society in general.

The book talks about:

As we have confidence in life span of life-cycle of items, the writer impacts the pursuer to see profession life-cycle ideas. The product of brain will characterize the texture of your association's way of life through mindfulness and discretion.

Being well known is the core of your energy. Through notoriety you can scare and win convincingly. Make your notoriety grave with greatness, productivity and energy.


In the event that we as a whole need to get things right we need to guarantee that our kin are in the correct mood to execute any assignment. The writer has contributed exertion via precisely choosing from the 6000 Sutras thereby giving us a chance to comprehend that Chanakya Neti is most down to earth and significant way.

Chanakya Neti shares financial, fund and administration to its follower. The creator puts stock in money related flexibility through sparing and rewards being result centered. It is basic that these musings should hit the psyche of the pursuer particularly when incomes of the organization are running at the top with declining benefit

The creator's medicine on initiative is to take a shot at heart and brain of individuals. His written work delineates that when individuals make dividers inside dividers it is the obligation of the pioneer to recognize where the ways to heart and brain are fitted on these dividers. The review on administration do's and don’ts sharpens us towards amendment on our initiative style with huge outcomes.

The present youthful era may confront challenges in truly understanding the old sacred writings. The writer's striking activity to manage the adolescent of today will interpret the pursuer’s idea of not keeping up business but rather holding the participation of the association. This would mirror the disposition of the person towards one's own particular work.

The writer acknowledges the system on “Plan before you act”. Troubled endings when contrasted with glad ones are what we confront more. We should simply picture, accept and follow up on keeping in mind the end goal to have upbeat endings

Less is More

The book drills the principle of safety and helps us understand that less is more

Through total comprehension of the Leadership, Management and Training, we will wear our personalities in view of sheer experience that we have increased over number of years, pick up the energy of acknowledgment with respect to when and whom to appear. This book encourages us drive shifted wellsprings of energy. The men who have changed the universe have never come to there by dealing with the pioneers alone, they rather moved the majority. Monitored with your life; looters and hoodlums will show up from all sides, never underestimate your riches and continually audit it time will lessen your gem's radiance and cover them from your sight. Hence, responsibility is the catchphrase which this book causes you to learn with fascinating relationship and encounters.

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