20 Problems Only Book Lovers Understand

20 Problems Only Book Lovers Understand

Posted by Hayley on March 15, 2017 on Goodreads

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Non-bibliophiles don't always feel your pain…but you're among friends here! We asked on Facebook and Twitter: What's a problem only book lovers understand? We got more than 1,000 amazing responses. Check out some of our favorites and share your own bookish struggles in the comments.

1. "The urge to buy books even though you still have too many books to read at home." Rie VdWarth

2. "Feeling sad for people who don't really exist." Kimberly Moniz


4. "Getting interrupted when you are on the last few pages of a book." Sobe Daya

5. "The book hangover. When a good book finishes but you can't start a new one because you're still too immersed in the last book to move on." Meagan Lewis

6. "Wanting every book in a library section but knowing it is impossible to read all of them." Richard Azia

7. "Waiting so long for a sequel that you forget what happened in the first book." Jessica Luong

8. "When you're lying in bed and it's all cold in your room—and the hand holding the book freezes to death, even though the rest of you is warm under the blankets." Alina Marie Swan

9. "Finishing a book and having to wait a whole year to read the next in the series." Sarah Scanion

10. "Trying to keep the book dry while reading in the bath." Patricia Boland

11. "Ordering a book online and getting the book with the movie cover. A book with a movie cover just doesn't feel the same." Anna RN

12. "Not being able to read and eat lunch at the same time because you don't have a third arm." Bernadette

13. "When someone borrows your book and doesn't return it for ages!" Pallavi B

14. "Deciding. Which. Book. To. Read. First." Monique Balsamo

15. "Getting to a 'can't stop reading' spot in the book and it's 3:00am." Joan Chesley

16. "When you have a book with you, but it's not the one you wanted to read right then." Virginia Osborne

17. "Being forced to stop reading by other obligations, but choosing to ignore those obligations. Then getting in trouble." Feel Like Fangirling

18. "Packing for a trip and never being able to bring enough books." Erika Gallion

19. "Having a book fall on your face because you're reading on your back while holding the book up." Manuel Cedillo

20. And the ultimate book lovers' dilemma: "So many books, so little time." Navy Reading

Don't see your reader-specific problem? Share it with your fellow Purple Box members in the comments! Chances are you'll find someone (or many someones) who feel your book pain.

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