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The little munchkins need your help!


Did my butler send you? Oh, I don't think so - you're all packed up in your little boxes, eh?

Well, we miss you a lot! More than fish - hmm, little less than fish? No no, as much as fish. Meow.

We miss the scritches and bum pats and belly rubs you gave us on the way to office, handed out a wee bowl of milk and biscuits during lunch and those yummy cat treats you brought once in a while. Yum!

But now, no one comes out on the streets.

A little birdie chirped to us that some nasty virus has taken the world for a toss and also said that all hoomans are locked inside their houses before it flew away (that nasty ginger cat tried to eat it, you see). We know that it is not safe for you to come out of your big boxes now, but we are so hungry! There is so less food around us meow.

Don't you know it's a lockdown, no one will come

One of our meowpresentatives met a hooman from TPB and meowed very effectively about our cause. You see, there is this awesome place for us meows called the Cat Cafe Studio run by some really meowtastic hoomans.

Our meowpresentative has designed some really cool souvenirs for some amazing and generous angels who would like to donate some funds for us. This will help the Cat Cafe hoomans bring us some really yummy snackies - we miss them so meowch!

Check them out below - I know you will like them! And yeah, every little penny helps!


Thank mew!


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